Events features

Gather around your experts

Live-learning events are the fastest and the most engaging way for people to absorb tribal knowledge.
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For Tech Leaders

Events help people “get it”

Share deep technical know-how around tools, systems, and best practices so new-hires get on the same page, faster. Get ahead of siloing, slower performance, and eroding culture.

Tap your internal experts

Have your best and brightest host workshops, classes, and tech talks on topics that matter most. Knowledge increases in value when shared.

For Program Managers

Just have experts show up and teach

Whether you're running 10 or 1000, PlusPlus automates all the prep behind running events: logistics, cal invites, discovery, and notifications.

Manage at scale, free up time

Be a power-user. Bulk enroll, manage waitlists, track attendance, and collect feedback with ease. Gather insights and pinpoint opportunities across your events — all in a single pane.

For Experts

Be the change

As an seasoned teammate, you know best. Take the podium and teach what you care about most. Free flowing ideas and rich back-and-forth discussion drives culture forward.

Create the flywheel

Have your best and brightest host workshops, clarify best practices and make it easier for your teammates to find key answers needed to do their best work. They’ll pay that knowledge forward one day.

Resilient Culture

Share skills and wisdom actually applied within the org

Peak ‘teamness’

Continuously connect, support, and unblock people through live events like workshops.

Capture the Magic

Events are best for sharing unique and fast-evolving knowledge that’s trapped in your experts’ heads

Real-world onboarding

Things click when new-hires are equipped with company lessons taught by your experts.

How our fastest-growing customers use Events

“Now that we’ve been using the PlusPlus platform, we did 100 events within six months. This is big win for us! We’ve always been limited with time and resources; but now that we have a platform that scales our efforts, I don’t have say ‘no’ anymore.” Angela Davis Learning & Experience Lead
“Creating larger knowledge networks gives people the opportunity to access knowledge across the company for sake of the greater good and for our collective success, instead of having it pop up randomly.” Alex Krupp Senior PM, Tech Learning

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