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Live events

Supercharge your L&D programs with live learning

Empower your experts to unlock tacit knowledge from anywhere in real time.

Live Events

Templatize recurring events

Create, duplicate, and manage multiple instances of the same event using event series.

One-time creation

Use Event Series to build templates for recurring events, ensuring consistent default settings for every session.

Easy duplication

Quickly create multiple instances of the same event with the same properties such as description, length, location, instructor, and more.

Automated communication

Pre-set and standardize settings for notifications, reminders, surveys, and more for all events in a series. 

Access control

Set access restrictions, enrollment and attendance policies, and more for all events in a series with a few clicks.

Offer a seamless experience

Make is super easy for your people to discover, manage, and enroll in events.

One-click enrollment

Enable your people to enroll into events with a single click.

Multi-channel notifications

Set automatic notifications using any combination of calendar, email, and Slack.

AI-powered relevancy

Use AI to quickly discover and locate events based on a person’s profile, title, department, and more.

Manager controls

Gain managers easy visibility into progress and event suggestions via dedicated manager dashboard.

Seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar

Synchronize rosters and calendars

Automatically update Google Calendar events when people enroll in PlusPlus, and attendance rosters when people decline calendar events via robust two-way integration.

Trade spreadsheets and manual calendar invites for intelligent automation to remove toil work and save time.
Room booking support

Select and book physical spaces for in-person events.

Meeting URLs

Automatically generate Google Meet links for events, and include them in invites.

Roster synchonization

Enable auto-decline for enrollments when there are conflicts in Google Calendar.

Conflict warnings

Alert about potential double-bookings when attempting to enroll in events.

Manage waitlists and capacity

Maintain waitlists for your events using automation, not spreadsheets.

Specify capacities

Set enrollment and waitlist capacities for events and event series.

Auto promotion

Automatically promote people from a waitlist to an attendance roster when space becomes available.

Auto notifications

Send automatic notifications to attendees when they’ve been promoted or demoted to/from waitlists.

Hybrid support

Maintain separate simultaneous waitlists/capacities for online and in-person, enabling maximum control for hybrid events.

Flexible enrollment

Enable attendees to switch between online and in-person enrollment for the same event.

Easily schedule complex events

Create time slots, multiple occurences, and more with a few clicks.

Time slot support

Allow an event or events to spread across multiple days or even weeks.

Flexible recurrence

Schedule events to repeat at any cadence you set.

Bulk scheduling

Automatically schedule hundreds of events (or more) from a single spreadsheet.

Access control

Democratize or restrict who is able to create events.

External presenter support

Enable external presenters to lead live sessions without needing access to PlusPlus. 

Automate people rosters

Intelligently manage your people rosters in a single platform.

Easy monitoring

Track enrollments, attendance, and waitlists for events.

Auto assignments

Bulk assign people into events based on groups, such as “new hires” or “all engineers.”

Unified analytics

Trade spreadsheets and calendar invites for a unified dashboard to track progress.

Advanced tracking

Report on attendance per event, series, location, present, or time period.

Create notifications your way

Customize and deliver automated multi-channel notifications using email, Slack, and Google Calendar.

Per-event notifications

Create custom notifications for each event within a series.

Advanced triggers

Send notifications for event updates, reminders, surveys, waitlists, and more.

Automate check-ins

Make it easy for your people to check in to events, and automatically update attendance rosters.

Auto check-in

Automatically mark an attendee as present when they click “join meeting.”

Video conference integration

Integrated support for Zoom and most major video conference platforms.

BYO enrollment policies

Maintain maximum control over your events.

Set cutoff periods

Specify cutoff dates for people to enroll or drop out of events.

Low capacity warnings

Automatically notify presenters if events don’t meet minimum enrollment thresholds.

Enrollment caps

Limit the number of events in a series an individual can enroll into to mitigate space squatting for high-demand events.

Visibility control

Set event attendee lists as public or private.

Attach additional resources

Attach surveys, assign pre-work, and more – all within PlusPlus.

Integrated surveys

Build and attach surveys to events and series, and slice-and-dice the data for advanced insights. 

Link to resources

Round out your events by assigning pre-work, attaching related content, and more.

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Expert Connections