Create Better Onboarding Experiences in a Unified Platform

Hiring is a good sign your org is headed in the right direction. But how do you extend your expertise and culture to new hires to keep the momentum going? You need an onboarding program that gets new hires up to speed quickly so they can make their highest contribution in the short-term. You need to see them buy in joyfully to your culture. You need them to connect with internal experts to tap into what’s made your org a great fit for them in the first place.

PlusPlus lets you integrate diverse content into a single onboarding track, giving new hires everything they need in one place. Mix designed content with live, relational engagement and dovetail technical understanding of a specific role with culture-enhancing experiences and personal connections. Don’t just invite new hires into a role–invite them into your community. And facilitate all of it on one platform.

Standardize Onboarding Using Tracks

PlusPlus tracks are easy to build and duplicate, so you can design onboarding that’s consistent for all new hires and then integrate role-specific content for individual teams. From there, let PlusPlus’s automated processes take over and assign new hires to the right onboarding track based on the team they’re joining.

Quickly Upskill New Hires in Cohorts

Big expansion? Onboard your new hires in teams so you can unleash them as a collaborative force. PlusPlus lets you integrate Live Events into onboarding tracks to bring cohorts together and keep them in sync as they work through self-paced content included in the onboarding.

Unleash Expert Knowledge on New Hires

Unlock the knowledge in your experts’ brains with beautiful guides they can create themselves. Add guides to an onboarding track and get new hires in the know on what makes your org tick.

Facilitate Peer-to-peer Connections

Use PlusPlus to create a robust mentorship system with Peer Connections and encourage internal experts to open their doors to new hires with Office Hours. Add tasks to your onboarding tracks to facilitate these connections, immersing new hires into the relational world of your org and adding expertise at the same time.

Integrate Third-party Content

Easily import corporate compliance courses from any LMS into PlusPlus. Link to great content and track engagement right in the platform. Add third-party offerings to your new-hire tracks, keeping all your onboarding content in one place.

Automatically Assign New Hires to Onboarding Tracks

Cut out the busy work with our intuitive automated rules feature, which can–among other things–automatically assign new hires to the onboarding track created for their role.

Gather Feedback in Real Time Using Surveys and Ratings

New hires can rate onboarding content as they engage the material, and you can solicit more detailed feedback by creating surveys that utilize automated notifications and gather responses in intuitive reporting. Your onboarding never has to fall behind your standards of excellence as you continuously improve based on feedback.

Assess Growth and Learning in Real Time

Create assessments for new hires to measure their growth in any aspect of their role, keeping them engaged and motivated throughout the onboarding process as they celebrate their progress.

Integrate new hires into live projects using Tasks

There’s no replacement for on-the-job training and PlusPlus lets you integrate tasks and assignments into an onboarding track so that new hires can make real contributions to the org as they grow into their role.

Supercharge Onboarding with PlusPlus

Whatever your approach to onboarding, you can facilitate it with PlusPlus. We’d love to show you how PlusPlus can help with onboarding at your company. Book a demo to get started.