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Bringing the ease of content creation and curation to learning management.

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Building Tracks

Operationalize your expert’s knowledge

Enable your people to easily capture and release organizational knowledge using tools they already use.

Building a track
Live Events
Live Events

Supercharge your workshops and classes with virtual and in-person live events.

Learn more about Live Events.

Ondemand Content
OnDemand Content

Create and curate content from any source.

Learn more about OnDemand Content.

Expert Connections
Expert Connections

Enable your people to connect with the experts who will help them to grow.

Learn more about Expert Connections.


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Discover how PlusPlus delivers hundreds of  learning programs to 18,000+ engineers with a single Program Manager.

Knowledge is already at your fingertips

No special skills or tools needed. Use all the learning content and people already at your disposal to create learning programs quickly.

Knowledge at your fingertips


Traditional Learning Systems
Traditional LMS
  • Tracking and Learning

  • Discovery

  • Curated content

  • Requires specialized tools

  • Rigid structure

  • Dependent on designers

  • Scales with high cost

  • Limited real-world integration


Democratized learning platform
Logo PlusPlus
  • Democratized knowledge sharing

    Streamlines content sharing across platforms.

  • Curated authoritative content

    Delivers relevant, structured learning materials.

  • One place for discovery

    Central hub for all organizational knowledge.

  • Visibility and accountability

    Robust tracking and notifications.

  • Expert-Led Learning

    Direct access to internal experts for growth.

  • Integrated Workflow Automation

    Eases administration of complex programs.

  • Unified analytics

    Single source of truth to unify learning stack.


Standard Knowledge Hubs
  • Easy content creation

  • Utilizes existing tools

  • Accessible to all

  • Bad content discovery

  • Poorly curated content

  • No progress tracking

  • Limited learning accountability

  • Knowledge silos

Why PlusPlus

We make learning social and easy to manage.

  • Cohort assignments

    Effortlessly tailor learning programs to meet the needs of your teams.

  • Collaborative learning

    Encourage active feedback and expertise sharing in the flow of learning.

  • Automated management

    Streamline all administrative aspects of learning management.

Customize notifications

Automate notifications for assignments, enrollments, waitlists, and more across multiple channels.

Track attendance

Automatically synchronize attendance and assignment rosters with calendar invites via two-way integration.

Meet teams where they are

Boost engagement by delivering learning to teams and cohorts within existing workflows.

Unify data

Aggregate all of your learning data in a single platform for powerful, unified performance insights.

Connect securely

Securely automate data sharing between platforms via API, CSV export, in-app reporting, and more.

Consolidate tools

Reduce costs and simplify workflows by unifying your learning stack within a single platform. 

Supported partnership

Our dedicated team of experts partner with you to be an extension of your team and deliver best-in-class customer service.


Learn how Netflix uses PlusPlus to boost engagement by 40%.

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Enterprise platform powered by AI

Enterprise platform powered by AI - My Hub
  • Relevancy

    Deliver personalized content and event recommendations based on persona and past engagement.

  • Expert discovery

    Enable your people to discover internal experts based on content ownership, past engagement, employee attributes, and more.

  • MyHub

    Personalized home page delivers easy access to the most relevant content, events, and connections.

More AI coming soon

  • Copilot

    Generative AI automatically creates content titles, tags, and descriptions.

  • Channels

    Gain new autonomy over your learning programs by organizing content and events into channels devoted to specific topics or audiences.

  • Federated search

    Reduce complexity and save time with automated cross-platform search.

Channel Subscriptions


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Explore how LinkedIn increases live workshop attendance by 600% with PlusPlus.


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