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Enable your subject matter experts to share knowledge in the flow of work

Author self-paced learning tutorials using tools you already have

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Author eLearning using existing tools

Create self-paced eLearning content using Google Docs or any text editor.

Author using existing tools
Empower subject matter experts

Enable any expert to author, maintain, and distribute Guides.

Convert to eLearning

Automatically convert Google Docs or Markdown text to eLearning.

Bypass SCORM

Eliminate the need for third-party tools required to author traditional SCORM or eLearning content.

Powered by Codelabs

Leverage Google Codelabs lightweight framework to empower experts to author.

Manage assignments, track progress, and get feedback

Empower people managers and learning program managers to ensure Guides are reaching the right people, and know how they’re performing.

Automate Assignments
Automate assignments

Assign Guides to individual employees or user groups.

Track progress

Easily track completion progress for Guides as a whole, or per assignee.

Solicit feedback

Add Surveys to Guides to collect feedback from your people.

Visibility for managers

Let people managers view their team’s progress.

Access management

Make Guides visible to everyone, or restrict access to specific user groups.

Include Guides in Tracks

Add Guides to Tracks to build blended learning programs and larger curriculums.

Enrich your Learning Programs
Enrich your learning programs

Combine Guides with live events, self-paced content, mentorship programs, Assessments, Surveys, and more to build blended learning programs.

Standalone Support
Standalone support

Create one-off Guides on any topic to help upskill your people.

In-flight version management

Manage multiple versions of Guides, and ensure your people are always viewing the latest.

Anytime updates

Publish new versions of Guides even while people are consuming them.

New version notifications

Notify users when there’s a newer version available, and give them the option to switch to the latest version.

Auto refresh

Enable people to view and refresh the status of the current version, to ensure it isn’t stale.

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Automatic checks

Set automatic periodic status checks to ensure your people are viewing the latest version.

Version switching

Let people switch to any published version.

Flexible version management

Manage versions manually, or automatically via API.