Mentorship and coaching

Minimize content development needs and create a culture of peer learning.

Mentorship Programs

Create a mentorship and coaching culture

Mentorship isn’t just for new hires or top talent

Effective mentorship and coaching are crucial for continuous professional development across all levels, yet often, these opportunities are limited to specific groups within the organization. PlusPlus addresses this need by offering a versatile platform that supports diverse mentoring and coaching needs—from onboarding buddies for newcomers to career mentorship for seasoned professionals, and targeted coaching like sales training. Here, we’ll show you how to tailor, manage, and measure mentorship programs that foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability, ensuring everyone is equipped to meet your organization’s challenges.

Envision and model custom programs

Connect People
Situational coaching

Offer real-time help for immediate challenges, ensuring continuous workflow and learning.

Manager forums

Facilitate growth and learning among new managers through peer discussion groups.

Career mentorship

Support career development by connecting employees with seasoned professionals within their field.

Office hours

Assist employees in utilizing tools or processes from other teams effectively.

Onboarding buddies

Help new hires acclimate quickly by pairing them with experienced team members.

Sales training

Enhance sales skills through targeted coaching sessions and mentorship.

Centralize and highlight programs

Engage your leaders

Transform scattered initiatives into a centralized, celebrated suite of programs easily accessible from a single hub.

Multiple Programs from one hub

Facilitate expert discovery and matching

Ensure people can find the right experts to connect with

Easy discovery

Make it easy for mentors and mentees to connect through self-service pairing and expert discovery.

Detailed profiles

Enhanced by profiles that blend internal data with external insights such as LinkedIn.

Manager pairing

Allow managers to initiate pairings, helping to align mentorship efforts with organizational goals.


Explore mentorship and coaching best practices from industry experts.

Measure success and iterate

Gamify the process

Engage participants with a gamification system that rewards mentors with badges, recognizing their contribution

Track everything

Keep track of mentor and mentee interactions, engagement levels, and program effectiveness with comprehensive reporting tools.

Impact Score
Control access

Manage who can access different mentorship programs, with the ability to open them to all or restrict them to specific groups.

Uplevel mentorship and coaching with PlusPlus

Empower peer based learning

With PlusPlus, overcome the typical challenges of program fragmentation and unclear outcomes. Our platform not only simplifies the creation and management of mentorship and coaching programs but also aligns them closely with your strategic objectives, ensuring that every initiative delivers measurable value and supports continuous professional development.


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