Learning Platform for Knowledge Sharing

Bringing the ease of content creation and curation to learning management.

Learning Platform for Knowledge Sharing
With PlusPlus anyone can create learning content

With PlusPlus anyone can create learning content

Learning is no longer at the will of instructional designers and big budgets

You don’t have to be an instructional designer to build learning content. With PlusPlus, sharing expertise is as straightforward as sending an email, making hidden insights accessible to all.

Knowledge is already at your fingertips 

No special skills or tools needed. With PlusPlus use all the learning content and people already at your disposal to create learning programs quickly.

Empowering everybody

Leverage all the learning resources at your disposal

  • Live events: Personalize your program with live events scheduled and automated by PlusPlus.
  • OnDemand content: Create and curate any source of content whether it be youtube video, codelab, or a confluence doc.
  • Expert connections: Bring in the subject matter experts that can deepen your program’s understanding.
Use your own tools to build Learning Programs
Streamlined Learning Creation

Curate your content into a learning program

Curate any internal or external content into a structured and scheduled learning program in just a few clicks. 

Simplify program creation

  • Curate internal content: Take any internal content and incorporate it into your learning program.
  • Blend external content: Link in external content and blend it with your valuable internal content.
  • Schedule your program: Give your program dates and deadlines for your team to meet.
  Curate all your learning resources into a learning program

Make your learning program social

Assign your program to those who need it and create a collaborative learning environment where team members can provide feedback, suggest edits, and contribute expertise.

Fostering Collaborative Learning

Foster engagement and collaboration

  • Assign program to cohort: Automatically assign your program to the people that need to see it.
  • Automatically collect feedback: Build custom surveys to assess the impact of your program.
  • Empower cohorts to communicate: Dedicated Slack channels for assigned cohorts to ask questions and learn from each other.
Make your learning program social
Evolving Through Feedback

Measure the success of your program and iterate

Gain clear insights into the impact of your learning program. PlusPlus offers the tools to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

Optimize your program with data-driven insights

  • Assess progress: View completion status, last interaction, and more for each cohort or assignee.
  • Analyze and iterate: Correlate data from surveys, completion status, and content items to assess the impact of your program.
  • Easily update content: Update or edit any content items or program traits to evolve your learning program to be better for the next cohort.
Measure the success of your program

Embrace a knowledge sharing culture

Enable anyone to share knowledge

PlusPlus doesn’t just provide a platform; it cultivates a vibrant ecosystem of shared knowledge and continuous improvement. It’s designed for the modern technical workforce, where learning is as dynamic as the technologies they work with.


Explore knowledge sharing best practices from industry experts.


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