PlusPlus for
Knowledge Sharing

All your learning in one place

Make it easy to discover and consume all of your offerings in one place. From live learning to self-paced courses and third-party content libraries. Create true blended learning experiences.

Informal & Formal Learning, in one place

There are things that everyone needs to know, such a Managing Within the Law or Secure Coding Best Practices. Then, there are best practices that your employees just discover in the flow of work.
Make it easy for this knowledge to flow within your organization to create a learning organism. The faster you learn, the smarter you become.

External & Internal Content, in one place

There are amazing content libraries out there, from LinkedIn Learning to YouTube and everything in between. There is also knowledge that is very specific to your organization, such as that video of your CEO explaining company culture or senior engineer explaining how the tech stack works.

Lower the friction to have the right knowledge at the right time. Your team will have the shared understanding and that will allow them to run faster.

Live & Self-Paced, in one place

There are nuggets of knowledge that are small in nature. For example, I just want to know how to do X. Quick articles, videos, or guides are perfect for this micro learning.

On the other hand, there are concepts, best practices, and systems that have a steeper learning curve. Live learning tends to be better for this high-fidelity mode of learning. Think technical onboarding, manager training, or similar.

Easy & Scalable Knowledge Sharing

As your people go about doing their work, they develop deep knowledge in certain areas. Yet, you want nimble teams where people have that shared understanding of work.

Since everyone is an expert in something, make it easy for them to stand up and share their knowledge. We’ve observed that people generally love sharing themselves as long as that’s easy to do. Remove the friction and watch your people learn and grow from each other.

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