Leadership Development

Learn how to develop effective leaders on PlusPlus. 

Improve leadership skills at every level

Leadership training is not just for executives

Effective leadership development is key for all companies, but sometimes only the top bosses and new employees get this chance. Middle managers like Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, and Senior Directors often miss out on specialized training. PlusPlus fills this gap with a system that improves leadership skills at every level.  Here, we’ll guide you through each step to create, curate, and engage leaders in a dynamic learning environment, ensuring they are ready for your organizations challenges.

Outline learning outcomes

Engage your leaders

Craft a compelling learning experience for your future leaders by blending self-paced learning with interactive cohort-based live workshops. This dynamic approach keeps leaders engaged and ready to grow.

Define and support the leadership cohort

Ensure no leader learns in isolation by defining cohorts and fostering communication

Schedule cohorts

Define the timeframe for a learning track and assign leaders to specific cohorts.

Foster communication

Seamlessly integrate cohorts into dedicated Slack channels for continuous learning in the flow of work.

Equip your leaders

Assemble the crucial content for leadership growth, integrating a variety of learning materials

No Need for e-learning
Content integration

Merge relevant videos, PDFs, and Confluence documents, ensuring leaders have access to necessary resources.

Blend learning sources

Combine internal insights with external expertise from platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy.

Monitor leader progress

Stay informed about each leader’s development and provide support where necessary

Collect Feedback
Monitor progress

Track how leaders are advancing through the program to identify where additional support is needed.

Assess understanding

Use built-in assessments and surveys to collect feedback and gauge learning effectiveness.

Provide direct support

Establish dedicated office hours with trusted organization leaders for personal guidance and support.

Mentorship Programs

Advance to mastery

Foster ongoing mentorship

Support continuous development beyond course completion with mentorship from established leaders, embedding learning into the workflow.

Connect People

Empower your leaders with PlusPlus

Cater your efforts to cohort based learning

At PlusPlus, we’re changing how we help leaders grow by providing a complete platform for leadership development. We make learning engaging with Tracks, help build great mentor relationships, and let people share knowledge in real-time with Live Events. PlusPlus helps everyone become better leaders. 


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