Develop better leaders and people managers

Discover how world-class companies evolve new leaders with blended and cohort-based learning that’s easy to measure and scale.

Make leaders more effective with immersive programs

Setting a new leader loose with a “single-player” checklist or wiki doesn’t set them up for success. Instead, develop high-performing leaders by mixing live workshops, office hours, self-paced content, and 1:1 mentorship sessions. 

Support leaders with cohort-based training

Organizational effectiveness doesn’t happen by chance. With PlusPlus, define cohorts and schedule them into longer arcs of training. Cohort-based learning builds more accountability, camaraderie, and cultural immersion, faster.

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Cause leader development through mentorship

Overcome barriers and motivate organizational development. PlusPlus connects all your company’s potential mentors and mentees, then organizes them by role, skills, experience, and availability for measurable L&D impact.

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Immersive learning

Internal bootcamps & workshops

PlusPlus internal event management tools automatically schedule recurring events, set reminders, send post-event check-ins, and more to keep digital-first teams connected.

Easy integrations

Sync your employee profiles, content, repositories, scheduling, and communications together so leaders can see (and execute on) the big picture.

Office hours

Empower employees to get their questions answered by SMEs, whether it’s to clarify something from the docs or work through a technical roadblock.

Centralized knowledge​

Integrated content

When all your learning content (articles, video, documentation) lives in a single source, integrated with the tools you already use, new leaders contribute to the “company way,” faster.

Searchable, structured data

Kick off collaboration by actively sharing ‘who knows what’. With PlusPlus searchable databases of events, mentors, and content, you can create access between leaders and others looking to grow.

Active feedback loop

Collect usage data, onboarding progress, content requests, and mentorship reviews to get a complete picture of your leadership training. You’ll never need to rely on only surveys again (although we do those, too).


PlusPlus keeps high-performance teams aligned and on track


When leaders spend less time stuck on roadblocks or repetitive questions, they have the confidence to stay in the zone and contribute their best work.


Know-how and expertise should be continuously shared. PlusPlus elevates shared understanding, and overcomes barriers in the way of positive change.


Empower leaders to coach their direct reports with rich feedback and insights. That way, everyone feels confident on where to focus and how to grow.



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