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LinkedIn increases engineering workshop attendance by 6X and improves employee NPS by 22 points with PlusPlus.
How Netflix fosters a culture of continuous learning and community with a help of PlusPlus.
How Shopify increased Employee Resource Group participants from 120 to 600+ with PlusPlus to create a sense of belonging virtually
How Kia Motors America Offers 300+ events and learning programs per year with a single-person L&D Team with PlusPlus

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Before and after PlusPlus

The success has been the sheer volume of events we can offer every year. PlusPlus works!
Our customers have reported a 400% increase in employees joining resource groups and communities.
I think that I like that when I create content on the Plus Plus platform that I’m building, sort of this library of content that I feel is really impactful for engineers. it kind of makes me feel like I’ve immortalized my work because that could always stay there.
When things don’t go as you expect them to go, they often end up being some of the most amazing and transformational parts of your journey. That’s been my case, and it never feels that way at the time.
Uber needs a very well-informed and very confident and empowered workforce who feels that they have the tools that they need and can implement machine learning solutions and to any project or program they’re working on that might require it.
Before PlusPlus, we found out 73% of our engineers said (what we were offering) doesn't fit their schedule. 68% weren't even aware of what was available to them.

The success has been the sheer volume of events we can offer every year. PlusPlus works!

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On average, 40% of customer employees use PlusPlus on a monthly basis
Wow, the automated rules for enrollment in a track, combined with getting the users start date from Okta. SO GOOD! It just made 156 enrollments for me. I can’t even explain how great that was.
PlusPlus Averages 5 Monthly Learning Engagements per User.
We use PlusPlus because it saves our team 1.5 admin people per year compared to our previous system.
Our customers have reported a 6X increase in attendance at learning workshops after implementing PlusPlus.
Other teams at Netflix are now adopting the same approach to learning. PlusPlus as a platform itself is used by the majority of Netflix...Its had a very natural welcoming since it made it easy for anyone to create an offering.
Now we are enabling self curated learning at scale due to the nature of the technology itself.
PlusPlus is this really intuitive system that we adopted company wide. And because PlusPlus started adding the LMS features, we were able to start migrating off of Docebo back to PlusPlus.
Spotify is empowering Spotifiers to share knowledge, learn from each other, and ultimately speed up innovation, and by helping increase team independence and speed of knowledge sharing, more teams are able to thrive with less reliance on others.
95% of employees engage with PlusPlus at least once a year, and over 50% engage with it quarterly.
My call to action: if there's engineering leaders here, find your L and D teams, the folks like us, the technical learners first.
Now that we have been using the PlusPlus platform, we did 30 events in Q2, and already over 70 in Q3. Being able to say we have done over 100 events within 6 months is a really big win for us.
Our customers have reported a 800% increase in events registration and engagement after implementing PlusPlus.