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Expert Connections

Foster a culture of mentorship and coaching

Make it easy for your people to discover the experts they need, and to build the one-on-one connections that will enable them to grow.

Expert Connections

Build mentorship programs to connect people

Create and sustain long-term relationships between mentors and mentees.

Run multiple programs at once
  • Offer multiple simultaneous mentorship programs with unique focus areas, such as leadership academy, sales training, and engineering.

  • Restrict individual mentorship programs to specific mentors and audiences.

  • AI-powered discovery enables your people to discover the experts they need by title, expertise, location, seniority, and more.
Bi-directional connections

Enable mentors and/or mentees to initiate new relationships.

Manager recommendations

Allow managers to recommend specific mentors to people on their teams.

Assess program effectiveness

Include integrated surveys to understand how your people are doing.

Monitor progress

Track engagement and generate automatic reports to asses a program’s effectiveness.

Offer office hours

Create one-off opportunities to unblock your people when they need extra support.

Connect your people

Enable teams to connect with internal leaders, customers, subject matter experts, and more.

Integrate with Tracks

Include mentorship programs as a component in Tracks to create fully rounded blended learning programs that support your people.

Mentorship Programs
Size management

Set capacity limits for individual sessions to allow a mix of one-on-one and small group sessions.

Recurring sessions

Easily duplicate sessions into new time slots, or set up recurring sessions on a cadence that works for you.

Policy controls

Establish your own booking and release policies for sessions that you mange using advanced controls.

Easily discover experts

Enable your people to easily identify who knows what across your organization

Robust people bios

Easily surface meaningful employee attributes such as title, department, location, and more.

Import skill data

Automatically enrich bios with top skills from external sources such as LinkedIn or your HRIS. (coming soon)

Showcase impact

Display data on a given person’s knowledge sharing impact across your organization.

Monitor engagement

Easily see how how your people are engaging with various experts and knowledge bases.

See team structures

Discover where people fit in your organization, including their manager, team mates, and direct reports. 

Connect people beyond learning

Your teams are more than the sum of their professional skills. Bring your people together, wherever they are.

Connect People
Manage ERGs

Go beyond learning and use PlusPlus to effortlessly manage employee resource groups.


Offer affinity groups

Foster connection and community for your people based on any shared experience, such as working parents, yoga enthusiasts, or theater lovers.

Gamify learning participation

Make learning programs fun by celebrating wins.

Showcase top performers

Public leaderboard shows top experts for a given topic.

Celebrate experts
Celebrate experts

Get feedback from on experts through peer testimonials.

Control visibility

Make testimonials and/or peer reviews public or private, including  restricting access from managers.

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Expert Connections