Functional Onboarding

How PlusPlus supercharges onboarding new team members.

Create a blended onboarding experience

Initiate a welcoming, informative onboarding experience with PlusPlus by creating a Track. Combine live workshops, on-demand content, and expert one-on-ones to immerse new hires into your company culture, speeding up their integration and productivity.

Schedule your onboarding like a pro

Automate session times, recurrence, and notifications, integrated seamlessly with tools like Google Calendar and Slack. Don’t just simplify your organization but also embed the onboarding process into the daily routines of your cohort to reduce manual efforts and enhance participant readiness.

Trade spreadsheets and manual calendar invites for intelligent automation to remove toil work and save time.

Monitor the progress of your new hires

Utilize PlusPlus for effective real-time tracking of your onboarding process. Automate reminders and engage managers to ensure continuous support. Gain valuable insights into each participant’s journey, addressing challenges promptly and keeping everyone on track for success.

Assess progress in real time

See who has completed each step of your onboarding program, as individuals or in aggregate by team or cohort.

Know who needs help

Connect people rosters to real assignments to better understand who is excelling, and who may need a boost.


Explore functional onboarding best practices from industry experts.

Measure the success of your onboarding

Collect Feedback
Analyze detailed learning metrics

Analyze progress across various metrics such as live versus self-paced learning, timeframes, and presenter effectiveness. 

Integrate with external systems

Leverage API connections for seamless integration with external employee databases, ensuring comprehensive and informed decision-making.

Automate every step of the process

Connect HR systems for auto-enrollment, integrate with key tools like Slack and Zoom, and streamline reporting with APIs. Remove all of the manual effort to ensure a seamless start for your new hires.

Define cohorts

Automatically create custom audience groups based on department, job function, hire date, location, and more.

Auto assignments

Assign cohorts to Tracks, surveys, feedback, and more with only a few clicks.

Automate workflows

Integrate with automated rules and groups to codify repetitive workflows, such as assignments and enrollments.

Foster a learning culture 

Keep your people as the focus

PlusPlus is changing the way we do onboarding. Instead of just giving out information, PlusPlus focuses on making new hires feel welcomed and part of a community. It’s like a friendly club where every new person, such as Alex, gets a special, fun, and full introduction to the company. Features like Tracks and Office Hours are all about making sure new hires not only learn but also feel connected and understood. PlusPlus is leading this change, making sure joining a company is about more than just facts—it’s about feeling at home and part of a team from the very beginning.


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