Collaborative Learning

Discover how to create a culture of knowledge sharing with PlusPlus.

Identify your experts

Kickstart collaborative learning by identifying your experts within PlusPlus.

Celebrate experts
Expertise discovery

Easily locate experts based on their shared knowledge and interactions.

Rich bios

Access detailed profiles including title, department, location, and more.

Skills Enrichment
Skills enrichment

Automatically update skills from external sources like LinkedIn.

Impact Score
Impact score

Evaluate the influence and interaction of each expert’s knowledge within the organization.

Facilitate knowledge sharing

Empower your experts to easily share their unique knowledge without the burden of traditional e-learning methods.

No Need for e-learning
No need for special eLearning tools

PlusPlus supports integration with everyday tools like Google Docs and Slides, making content creation straightforward and familiar.

Contain everything within Tracks

Be it videos, slides, or documents, contain and accommodate experts busy schedules and varying content styles.

Contain everything within tracks
Mentorship Programs
Dedicated office hours

Unblock people who have run into something beyond their expertise with dedicated time with experts.


Explore collaborative learning best practices from industry experts.

Promote to those who need to know

Enterprise platform powered by AI - My Hub

Make it easy for users to find and engage with relevant content. Ensure every learner has access to the right resources at the right time. 

  • AI Relevancy

    Deliver personalized content and event recommendations based on persona and past engagement.

  • Notifications in the flow of work

    Slack, GSuite Calendar, and email reminders and notifications

  • MyHub

    Personalized home page delivers easy access to the most relevant content, events, and connections.

Measure success

Gamify learning participation

Get feedback from your experts and celebrate your top performers.

Track learning holistically

Leverage API connections for seamless integration with external employee databases.

Foster a collaborative learning culture 

Empower knoweldge sharing.

PlusPlus is changing the landscape of collaborative learning. By focusing on people in the learning process, we’re not just making a platform; we’re leading a new way where sharing knowledge is lively, interactive, and personal. Our features, like Expert Connections and MyHub, aim to create a learning space that’s about sharing and community. Everyone can get better and succeed through important connections and timely, fitting guidance. PlusPlus is building a connected workforce. We truly believe the best learning comes when people learn from each other.


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