Create a shared knowledge base that grows with your team

Collaborative learning platform for high-growth teams.

Learning programs as agile as your business

When employees get stuck (which they will), you need more than a resource library to get them back on track. With PlusPlus, people can always find the type of learning they need to succeed.

A comprehensive collaborative learning platform

Learning libraries have their place, but a “one-size-fits-all” approach to learning will fall short for your team. For fast-growing companies, documentation can be obsolete as fast as it’s finalized.

For evolving knowledge that doesn’t fit in a doc

Run live learning with walkthroughs, Q&As, tech talks, and even hackathons through PlusPlus Events. Our learning-first event feature set elevates your internal experts and promotes discoverability.


Office hours

Empower your SMEs. PlusPlus Office Hours creates a simple, friction-free framework for them to share knowledge and help others break through roadblocks.

Tracking and analytics

Track employees’ learning activity, preferences, and engagement. Trusted analytics and automated surveys keeps you informed on ways to uplevel their experience. 


Centralized knowledge base

House articles, video, documentation, and courses in a single, integrated source of truth. PlusPlus Catalog puts this alongside your collaborative learning to enable a comprehensive learning hub.

Mentorship programs

Help people find the perfect mentor. PlusPlus Mentorship catalogs your org’s potential mentors and mentees, then organizes them by role, skills, experience, and availability.


Collaborative company learning empowers experts to easily share their knowledge and keeps others unstuck

Flexible Knowledge

PlusPlus keeps yours relevant by automating administrative tasks, promoting headspace for deeper work.

Thoughtful Learning

When employees can access new knowledge in the format that works for them, they learn faster, engage more deeply, and ship better work.

Accessible Expertise

Internal experts don’t have time to prepare course materials. But they do have crucial expertise. PlusPlus empowers them to just show up and teach.


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