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Create blended curriculums with Tracks

Combine live events with self-paced content, mentorship programs, and more to build blended learning experiences.

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Mix-and-match eLearning with live learning

Contain everything within tracks

Build blended learning programs

Use Tracks to combine eLearning content from any source with live workshops and classes, one-on-one mentorship programs, office hours, and more to create comprehensive blended learning programs.

Enable teams in lockstep

Schedule cohorts of employees (such as new hires) to complete a track together during a specific period of time.

Automatic enrollments

Assign the entire cohort into specific events from a series, ensuring that all participants attend the same sessions together.

Scheduled experiences

Schedule a track to be completed by a group of employees during a specific period of time.

Dedicated Slack channels

Automatically create dedicated Slack channels for each cohort, enabling everyone to easily communicate in the flow of work.

Easily track attendance and enrollment

Ditch the spreadsheet and use automation to manage your people rosters.

Trade spreadsheets and manual calendar invites for intelligent automation to remove toil work and save time.
Two-way integration with Google Calendar

Robust bi-directional integration automatically enrolls and un-enrolls people when they accept or decline Google Calendar invitations.

Assess progress in real time
See who has completed each step of a Track, as individuals or in aggregate by team or cohort.
Know who needs help

Connect people rosters to real assignments to better understand who is excelling, and who may need a boost.

Manage Track assignments

Easily control who Tracks are assigned to, which track items they must complete, and when.

Group assignments

Automatically assign Tracks to cohorts of people with a single click.

Assess progress

View completion status, last interaction, and more for each cohort or assignee.

Make optional

Mark individual content items and events within a Track as mandatory or optional.

Timing control

Set custom due dates, expiration dates, and more for individual track items, or the Track as a whole.

Add Tracks within Tracks

Combine multiple Tracks together to create larger blended learning programs.

Build seamless experiences

Easily add Tracks as content items to other Tracks to create holistic long form blended learning programs.

Automatically collect feedback

Close the loop on learning programs with integrated feedback.

Collect Feedback
Native survey authoring

Build powerful custom surveys to assess the impact of your learning programs, content, events, and more.

Multiple survey support

Assign up to three separate surveys to a Track, and set custom timing or progress criteria to trigger how and when each is deployed.

Powerful analytics

Correlate data from multiple surveys, learning programs, or content items to assess impact across departments, time periods, locations, and more.

Third-party support

Import and deploy surveys from third-party platforms.

Trade headaches for automation

Replace spreadsheets and toil work with intelligent rules to automate repetitive workflows.

Seamless Integration
Define cohorts

Automatically create custom audience groups based on department, job function, hire date, location, and more.

Auto assignments

Assign cohorts to Tracks, surveys, feedback, and more with only a few clicks.

Automate workflows

Integrate with automated rules and groups to codify repetitive workflows, such as assignments and enrollments.

Your policies, your way

Advanced policy controls enable maximum control over your learning programs.

Visibility control

Restrict individual track items to be only visible/searchable within the Track, minimizing clutter in the general catalog.

Mandate completion

Require the completion of individual track items before moving on to the next step, or completing the Track.

Completion control

Automatically update the completion status for Tracks and track items based on engagement criteria set by you.

Exception support

Manually override any completion status at any time for any reason, ensuring up-to-date tracking and analytics.

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