PlusPlus Experts

Onboarding Mentorship & Office Hours

Through onboarding  mentorship & office hours, experts at your company can schedule times they’re available to help mentor and onboard new team members, welcome them to the team, and answer their questions. No more guessing when someone is available, if they are willing to help, or what the new hires need to succeed.

Schedule With Ease

Easily schedule events from your custom templates, clone existing events, or bulk-import 100s of events at a time.

Manage Access

With group-based access control, easily decide who should be able to see and enroll in your events.

In-person or Online

Whether you are scheduling in-person or online events, we make it easy to support your many offices, time-zones, and virtual conferencing systems.

Scale As You Go

Start small, or seamlessly scale to 1000s of events, organizers, presenters, and attendees. We support you as you grow.

Search & Notifications

With our flexible filters, unified search, and notification rules, your audience will be able to easily discover and be notified of events that match their interests.

Built-in Waitlists

When your events get full, you can let people join wait-lists, and we’ll automatically enroll them as spots open up (e.g. when someone drops out).

Calendar Integration

Your events are automatically synchronized with the calendars of people attending them, so they’ll always know where and when to show up.

Seamless Check-ins

Your event attendees automatically check-in whenever they engage with a live event for which they are signed up, so you’ll always know who was there.

Feedback & Surveys

Whether you are using our simple 5-star ratings, or custom pre/post-event surveys with delay rules, you’ll easily keep track of your attendee engagement and their learning.

… and much, much more!