Create longer journeys

Blend any of your live or self-paced content into longer enablement experiences. It’s perfect for technical onboarding or leadership development.

Blended learning

Mix live and self-paced content into a guided experience through your company’s specific tools, systems, and best practices.

Scheduled cohorts

Give new-hires built-in accountability, cultural immersion, and an environment to feel comfortable collaborating with their new teammates.

Automated rules

Auto-enroll individuals or groups into in curated onboarding experiences with triggered due dates and reminders, freeing up your team from busy work.

Progress tracking

See how your new-hires are doing with integrated analytics, reports, and surveys so you can pinpoint opportunities to continously make better onboarding decisions.

Resource support

Do new-hires know how to get unblocked? Give them access to in-demand veteran know-how through Office Hours and Slack—whether they’re onboarding in-person or remotely.


Blend live or self-paced content
for engaging learning programs

Onboard deliberately

Curate content depending on how new-hires learn best, where they’re at, and how mature the knowledge is.

Unlock talent, faster

Ramp up new engineers quickly and share embedded technical knowledge with ease.

Data to build on

Uncover how tracks are completed, which are working, and which need to be optimized.

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