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How Salesforce boosts employee learning with PlusPlus

+ 1,000


+ 10,000

An average of +1,000 monthly engagements by learning managers and content creaters

A team of 3 are responsible for +10,000 technical engineers’s knowledge sharing 

Employee engagement with learning content soared to +10,000 interactions

At Salesforce, a team of 3 are responsible for scaling the organizational expertise to over 10,000 technical engineers. How did the world’s leading CRM company manage to do this in just a few months? Salesforce partnered with PlusPlus to enable their technical teams to perform at scale. This case study explores how Salesforce leveraged PlusPlus to transform its employee learning strategy, leading to increased engagement, efficiency, and a more empowered workforce.

What were the key challenges?

Salesforce’s commitment to continuous learning for its engineering team was hindered by the limitations of its traditional learning management system. The system was not intuitive and specifically not built to enable technical learning, resulting in limited class offerings and low attendance. Managing learning for a workforce of over 10,000 engineers globally, spread across various time zones, required a solution that was both scalable and user-friendly. A simple spreadsheet or a traditional LMS were no longer sufficient for Salesforce’s ambitious learning objectives.

What approach worked?

Salesforce recognized the need for a more people-centric approach in its learning management and found its solution in PlusPlus. This all-in-one learning platform stood out not just for its comprehensive features but for its focus on placing people at the heart of the learning experience. It emphasized peer-to-peer interactions and collaborative learning, transforming the role of engineers from passive recipients to active participants in the learning process. The platform’s features were intricately designed to not only streamline learning management but also to foster a culture where every individual felt empowered to share, learn, and grow.

Now we are enabling self curated learning at scale due to the nature of the technology itself.

Program Manager

Automation tools and integration

Calendar integrations + notifications

Essential for managing a global workforce, these features ensured that classes and training sessions were scheduled and communicated effectively across different time zones. This facilitated a more inclusive learning environment, where everyone, regardless of location, had equal access to learning opportunities.

Pre and post event surveys

Offering insights into how employees engage with learning content, these tools helped Salesforce fine-tune its approach to meet the learning styles within its workforce, reinforcing the importance of a learner-first strategy.

Automated waitlists and easy check-In

Simplified administrative processes, making it easier for employees to enroll in and attend classes.

Comprehensive reports and dashboards

The interactions during Ask-Us-Anything sessions not only addressed immediate learning needs but also served as feedback for enhancing Salesforce’s learning assets. Questions that arose in these sessions informed the team on areas to improve or expand in their educational content.

Enhancing learning content and delivery

Training internal instructors

By investing in the upskilling of its internal experts, Salesforce not only expanded its pool of trainers but also promoted a culture of internal mentorship and knowledge sharing. This approach resonated with the ethos of peer-to-peer learning, where employees could learn from familiar faces who understood the unique challenges and contexts of their roles.

Facilitating external trainer integrations

PlusPlus streamlined the incorporation of external trainers into Salesforce’s learning ecosystem. This not only diversified the learning content but also introduced fresh perspectives and expertise, enriching the overall learning experience.

Democratizing learning creation

A standout feature of PlusPlus was its ability to empower every Salesforce employee to become a creator and manager of learning content. This democratization of content creation underpinned a vibrant culture of peer-to-peer learning, where knowledge was not just imparted but shared, discussed, and evolved through collaborative efforts

What were the results?

Increased engagement and particiaption

The sucess has been the sheer volume of events we can offer every year. PlusPlus works!

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High user engagement

With PlusPlus, Salesforce saw an average of 1,000 monthly engagements by learning managers and content creators. Employee engagement with learning content soared to over 10,000 interactions, indicating a substantial increase in participation.

Global accessibility

The platform’s global reach allowed employees in different regions to access consistent, high-quality learning materials, tailored to their schedules and time zones.

Empowerment through learning

The ability for any employee to create and manage workshops democratized the learning process at Salesforce, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among the workforce.

Efficiency and streamlined processes

Seamless system intergraions

PlusPlus’s integration with Salesforce’s existing systems eliminated redundancies and streamlined class management processes, making it easier to manage, post, find, attend, and administer classes.

Reduced administrative burden

The automation features of PlusPlus relieved learning managers from tedious administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on strategic aspects of learning and development.

Data-driven insights

The analytics capabilities of PlusPlus provided actionable insights, allowing Salesforce to continuously refine its learning strategies based on real-time data.

Building a knowledgeable and successful organization

Enhanced learning experience

The combination of personalized learning paths, expert-led sessions, and diverse learning modalities contributed to a richer, more engaging learning experience for Salesforce employees.

Career advancement opporutnities

The platform provided avenues for employees to showcase their expertise and progress in their careers by leading training sessions and workshops.

Organizational growth and success

The widespread adoption of PlusPlus and the resulting increase in employee skills and knowledge contributed significantly to Salesforce’s growth and success as an organization.

Cultivating a human-centric learning culture with PlusPlus

Salesforce’s partnership with PlusPlus demonstrates a new era to employee learning and development, shifting towards a culture deeply rooted in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. This partnership goes beyond building a scalable learning program; it fundamentally changes the development culture to be more inherently human. PlusPlus is not just a tool for organizational learning; it’s a catalyst for a learning culture where employees learn best through interactive, personal exchanges, rather than impersonal materials. This shift underlines the philosophy that the most effective learning is intrinsically human, fostering a collaborative, engaged, and continuously evolving workforce.