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We believe organizations grow when your people freely share their knowledge, better known as tribal knowledge, with others.

No matter your organization’s size, chances are you could be sharing information better.

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Peer Learning

Our founder, Marko Gargenta, has taught more than five million software engineers through instructor-led offerings and online coursework. Because of this experience, he approaches learning differently from others.

In 2013, Twitter acquired Marakana, a company Marko co-founded with his brother, Aleksandar. And Twitter University was born.

Initially they focused on helping engineers go mobile. But the bigger problem was that engineers didn’t understand how Twitter worked. They needed tribal knowledge.

The solution: enable engineers to learn from one another.

Twitter University introduced an app and a methodology for Peer Learning. Soon, one in five Twitter engineers taught classes.

In 2016, the Twitter University team launched PlusPlus to recreate their success at other organizations.

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Tribal Knowledge Sharing at Scale

PlusPlus provides a first-of-its kind, live-learning SaaS platform that unlocks tribal knowledge and acts as a force-multiplier for the most important asset of an organization — your people.

Now you can experience the Peer Learning approach developed at Twitter for your organization.

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Our journey towards a culture of learning.

  • 2008-2013

    Marakana born.
    Transformed open source
  • 2013-2016

    Twitter University born.
    Peer learning.
  • 2016-

    PlusPlus born.
    Tribal knowledge sharing
    at scale.