Go beyond just managing your learning

PlusPlus is the internal knowledge sharing solution that delivers an all-in-one tech enablement platform that unlocks shared understanding at scale.

Tech Enablement

Build teams that deliver better value, faster

High-performing culture doesn’t happen by chance.

  • Onboarding is often ad hoc: scattered, out-of-date docs is bad onboarding. With this ‘sink or swim’ setup, new-hires might require months rather than weeks before they’re capable of making meaningful contributions.
  • Time-to-productivity is slow: eLearning courses don’t capture ‘the company way’. The latest and greatest in how the company is thinking evolves faster than that course is being updated.
  • Knowledge silos emerge: these form within the company as different teams take different approaches to shipping product, making it unnecessarily difficult for people to have context they need to do their best work.
  • Culture erodes: veteran employees get frustrated and then anxious, certain that they’ve stopped growing in their current role. Soon they begin looking elsewhere for new opportunities.

Tech Enablement is a deliberate way to set people up for success at scale.

  • Continuously codifying internal best practices: this knowledge is stored in the invaluable experiences of your veteran employees and goes well beyond shared doc or wiki. Giving others access to this ensures that all employees possess the same shared understanding of how to succeed at this company.
  • Delivering value in less time: this starts with team alignment, and not something a generic eLearning course can cover. Consistently sharing ‘the company way’, or in-house know-how around tools, systems, and best practices sustains high-performance even as headcount grows.
  • Building a resilient culture: employees want to contribute their expertise to their colleagues and engage in effective company building. The recognition of such an opportunity is what attracts the best talent, and the fulfillment of that promise is what keeps it.


Do they know what you know?​

PlusPlus was born out of Twitter University with the insight that technical teams suffer when siloed. So, we set out to build what was needed for high-performance to scale: a platform to access shared understanding.

core beliefs

Why we built this​

Technical teams are underserved

Content libraries are for commodity knowledge. Corporate wikis are often out of date. None deliver on engagement. Throwing content and recommendation algorithms at people doesn’t stick.

People learn best from each other​

Acquiring expertise takes time, effort, and determination, which frequently takes a back-seat to day-to-day priorities. Human-led learning provides superior flexibility, relevance, empathy, support, structure, and accountability.

Organizational expertise is trapped

People naturally want to share their expertise. While it’s already happening ad hoc, it requires a system to scale. Friction is the enemy of engagement. Fast-evolving organizational expertise is expensive to capture and maintain in a static medium.


PlusPlus investors

PlusPlus is backed by the venture firms behind Airtable, BetterUp, Carta, Clubhouse, Intercom, and many others.

Ready to see PlusPlus in action?

Learn from what’ve built for leading companies. Faster onboarding, team alignment, and impactful engagement.

Ready to see PlusPlus in action?

Learn from what’ve built for leading companies. Faster onboarding, team alignment, and impactful engagement.


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