On a mission

The problem we see: as orgs grow, it’s increasingly harder for foundational know-how to reach everyone. A vicious cycle occurs: internal knowledge systems become fragmented, unmaintainable, and untrustworthy.

Tech Enablement

PlusPlus was born out of an insight that L&D needs of technical professionals were underserved.

We believe growing headcount doesn’t ensure productivity. So, we set out to build the missing half needed to scale: shared understanding.

To start, we’ve been powering bootcamps, tech talks, and mentorship programming for growth stage companies. The tangible results: faster onboarding, continuous team alignment, and meaningful engagement with top talent.

We’re driven by a few fundamental beliefs:


Core Beliefs

The traditional approaches to L&D fall short

LMSs are for compliance. LXPs are for microlearning. Content libraries are for commodity knowledge. Corporate wikis are often out of date. None deliver on engagement. Throwing content and recommendation algorithms at people doesn’t stick.

People learn best from each other

Acquiring expertise takes time, effort, and determination, which frequently takes a back-seat to day-to-day priorities. Human-facilitated learning provides superior flexibility, relevance, empathy, support, structure, and accountability.

Organizational expertise is trapped

People naturally want to share their expertise. While it’s already happening ad hoc, it requires a system to scale. Friction is the enemy of engagement. Fast-evolving organizational expertise is expensive to capture and maintain in a static medium.

As a result, we build a comprehensive platform for sharing expertise and understanding at scale:

Share company

A complete solution to create high-performance teams at scale through shared understanding.

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