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Understand how well your people are grasping new concepts

Create native in-app Assessments to validate participants’ knowledge, streamline grading, and centralize results.

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Measure the effectiveness of your learning programs

Add Assessments to Tracks to see how well your people are understanding what they’ve learned.

Measure the effectiveness of your learning programs3
Add to Tracks

Include Assessments within a Track to see how your people are doing.

Automatically grade

Trade spreadsheets and formulas for automated grading and centralized results.

One-off Assessments

Create Assessments outside of Tracks to assess one-off topics.

Empower your subject matter experts with native Assessment authoring

Trade third-party testing platforms for tools you already have.

Question types

Build Assessments using any combination of multiple-choice and open-text questions.

Right/wrong feedback

Let people know after each question if they got it right, and explain where they went wrong.

Completion messages

Create custom post-assessment messages based on if the user passed or failed.

Empower your subject matter experts
Ownership control

Enable learning program managers and subject matter experts to create Assessments on any topic.


Organize longer Assessments into sections for easier consumption.

Set your own Assessment policies

Control who can see Assessments, when they’re due, and more.

Set your Assessmnets policies
Due dates

Set due dates for Assessments.

Passing grades

Specify the minimum score to pass an Assessment.

Allow retakes

Enable a specific number of retakes, or none at all.

Visibility control

Make Assessments public and searchable, or restrict their visibility to within specific Tracks.


Create automatic alerts to notify and remind your people via email or Slack when they’ve been assigned to Assessments.

View results by person, team, content item, and more

Quickly access auto-graded Assessment results.

Assessments - Measure progress
Measure progress

View results by individual, team, user group, timeframe, and more.

Per question results

See if specific questions or concepts are stumping your people to identify areas for additional support.

View multiple Assessments

See overall results for multiple Assessments.

Visibility for people managers

Let managers know how well their team is doing.