A track isĀ an ordered list of snippets. A snippet is a piece of content. For example, a snippet could contain some text, a video, a Google Doc, or an event type. With snippets and tracks, you can create a flexible learning plan.

For example, you may want to create Onboarding Track. The first snippet in that track may be a quick overview who this track is for and how they’d use it. The other snippets may be the actual events that a person can sign up for. Together, this track would guarantee that the user is properly onboarded.

How to create a track

Currently, to create a track:

  1. Select an initial snippet you’d like to add to a track
  2. In the snippet’s gear menu, choose Manager Tracks for this Snippet
  3. In the Manage Snippet’s Tracks dialog, you can choose an existing track or create a new one
  4. Once you select the track to add this snippet to, the snippet will become a part of that track

Tracks visibility

Tracks can be private or restricted to groups. To edit the visibility of a track:

  1. In the track, from the track’s menu (under the cover image) choose Edit Track
  2. In the Edit Track dialog box, you can select Private or Group visible

Private means that the track won’t show for regular users. If they know its URL, they will still be able to get to it. So, it’s security by obscurity.

Groups are more restrictive. People who are not members of the groups that the track was restricted to won’t even be able to access that track. See more info about Groups and how they work.