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Coaching for Continuous Improvement: Unveiling Agile Mastery

Joel Tosi + Dion Stewart
Authors of "Coaching for Learning: The Art of Practice"

About the speaker(s)


Joel is Owner and Co-Founder of Dojo & Co. For the past 12 years, Joel has been coaching organizations like Target, Northwest Mutual, Nielsen, RR Donnelly, Thomson Reuters, Disney, Pearson, and Verizon in developing new product delivery practices. He has been a dojo coach for more than 6 years.



Dion is Owner and Co-Founder of Dojo & Co.. A coach, mentor, developer, and international speaker, Dion has helped organizations ranging from Thomson Reuters, GE, Disney, Wells Fargo, Target, Interactive Intelligence and Pearson to Digital River, Siemens, Lifetouch, and Verizon to improve their product delivery

To help teams become more effective, you have to help them improve their capabilities and, more importantly, help them incorporate continuous learning into the way they work that’s practical. 

Dion and Joel redefine the landscape of agile coaching, emphasizing a departure from mere framework adoption. Their talk transcends the norm, advocating for a transformative embrace of continuous learning within the fabric of real-world work. Get ready for a deep dive into the theory of effective individual and team learning, seamlessly translating into principles for creating impactful learning experiences.

Join us on Feb. 28 as we explore approaches for helping teams learn in the context of doing their real-world work, led by Joel Tosi and Dion Stewart, authors of “Coaching for Learning: The Art of Practice.”