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How Salesforce onboards new technical hires at scale with PlusPlus

Ashley Austin + Taylor Bawden
Sr. Program Manager, New Hires Experience Team

About the speaker(s)

Ashley is a part of many cross-functional teams to deliver learning and enablement content to over 20,000 employees. Her main focus is on onboarding new hires to our technology and product organization. She has created and executed multiple programs including their first Early Career program, focused on ongoing support and connection for new to the workforce new hires, a new hire social/culture program focused on volunteerism, and a fast-paced ramp-up program for our global interns (to name a few).

Taylor plays a key role in numerous engineering enablement teams, focusing on creating and executing onboarding programs and leadership resources for over 14,000 employees worldwide. Her focus is on seamlessly integrating engineering newcomers into the T&P organization. She’s launched numerous initiatives, including technical onboarding programs, engineering manager resources, and role-specific new hire journeys. Furthermore, Taylor collaborates with the intern onboarding team to create a comprehensive curriculum for a global technical intern program, ensuring a robust start for interns worldwide.

We’re thrilled to be the learning platform of choice for Salesforce to onboard technical employees. Watch this Customer Spotlight to learn how Salesforce welcomes new technical hires and sets them up for success from Day 1 with PlusPlus. 

Salesforce’s Ashley Austin and Taylor Bawden from the New Hires Experience Team, guided us through:
  • Understanding their diverse roles and targeted audience for their functional onboarding program.
  • Exploring the challenges faced and the streamlined solutions implemented by Salesforce.
  • Delving into the comprehensive structure and timeline of their functional onboarding track.
  • Uncovering the rationale behind role-specific tracks, regional considerations, and automated rules.
  • Experiencing the journey of a new hire at Salesforce firsthand.
  • Revealing the backend operations of Salesforce’s functional onboarding program, from registration to notifications.
  • Plus, a quick demo showcasing Salesforce’s functional onboarding programs on the PlusPlus platform,