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Applying Agile Methodology to Learning + Development at Slack

Benji Shine
Technical Program Manager, Slack

About the speaker(s)

Benji leads Engineering Onboarding and Learning at Slack, through five years and hundreds new hires. His twenty years of experience as a software developer enable him to design programs that engineers are excited to participate in, both as learners and as leaders. He also worked full time as a research programmer at Brown University Department of Computer Science, developing novel educational technologies with a founder of the field, Andries van Dam.

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In five years as the only engineering learning specialist at Slack, through over 100 cohorts on onboarding engineers with a dozen sessions per cohort, Benji has applied agile methodologies to develop well-loved onboarding and learning programs at Slack. In this talk, Benji described how he uses these concepts from agile programming:

He described how that toolkit built an incident troubleshooting series that engineers can’t get enough of.