Gather around your experts

Live-learning means faster shared understanding of
  company-specific tools, systems, and best practices.

Event management

Skip repetitive and manual tasks. PlusPlus automates all the prep behind running live learning: logistics, cal invites, discovery, and email/Slack notifications.

Event enrollment

Bulk enroll, manage waitlists, track attendance, and collect feedback with ease—all in a single pane.

Tracking and reporting​

Get detailed reports and visualizations on how people are engaging. Apply powerful filters and aggregations to gain insights into what’s working.

Automated surveys

Get a quick pulse check through built-in ratings.
Customizable surveys can be be sent out auto-sent to collect rich data on how things are going.

No-hassle scheduling

With our deep Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook integration, everything auto-sync’d to your work calendar including scheduling room bookings and video conference calls.

Build Resilient Culture

Share skills and wisdom actually
applied within the org

Peak ‘teamness’

Continuously connect, support, and unblock people through live learning like workshops.

Share ‘who knows what’

Live learning is best for sharing unique and fast-evolving knowledge that’s trapped in your experts’ heads.

Real-world onboarding

Things click when new-hires are equipped with company lessons taught by your internal experts.

Ready to see PlusPlus in action?​


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