PlusPlus for Compliance

Formal learning made easy

Ensure that the right people have the right competencies at the right time. Make sure they follow through. Provide insights to key stakeholders.

One System for all your learning

Engaging your employees with formal learning could be challenging. Meet them where they are by bringing all forms of learning under one umbrella. You will have a higher engagement and they will enjoy the familiar experience.

Work with any eLearning format

There has been a proliferation of eLearning standards. From the traditional SCORM to more modern TinCan xAPI and everything in between, you have choices in where the content comes from.

PlusPlus partnered with the team behind all these eLearning standards so whatever you choose will be supported.

Automate workflows

As people join or move around, you want to ensure they have the right competencies. With a direct connection to your HRIS system (e.g. Workday), you can detect who needs what skills.

With Rules you can automatically group people (for example, all new hires) and assign them to the required learning. 

Connect with Content Libraries

In addition to eLearning that you author, you can license existing courses from content libraries such as LinkedIn Learning.

With a direct connection to many of the popular content libraries, leveraging all that content is easy.

Track & report on insights

Learning data is important and we’re happy to be that system of record. With Analytics and Reports, you can get quick insights, filter the data, and run reports.

We also get that you may want your data in another system and with our GraphAPI, it is easy to connect your various systems in real-time.

Beyond just course completion, with integrated Surveys, you can also track the impact of your offerings over time.

Keep people accountable

People are busy and may not see that course that you assigned to them. With Due Dates, you can create automatic nudges to gently remind them to complete the required learning.

With Slack DMs, deep Calendar integration, and customizable email notifications, you can meet your employees where they are.

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