Technical onboarding software for high-performing teams

No more “sink or swim”. Give your new hires a seamless, personalized learning experience at scale.

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Teams that onboard better ship faster

Create a clear path for new-hires to understand what they’re expected to do and how to do it — whether that’s remote or in-person.

Accountability and cultural immersion built in

Set rules to automatically assign individuals or groups to curated onboarding cohorts specific to their individual needs, freeing up your team from administrative busywork.

Blended learning adds a human touch

Weave live workshops and office hours in with self-paced content so new hires never need to read stale documentation again.



Create onboarding cohorts based on hire date, role, team, location, manager, and more, freeing up your team from administrative busywork.

Actionable Insights

Sync your employee profiles, content, repositories, scheduling, and communications in a single place so new hires don’t miss a beat (or an all-hands).


Self-paced content

Organize courses, videos, and articles to ensure new- hires can find all the critical knowledge they need, when they need it.

Centralized playbooks

Create a single place for employees to see how your company does what it does—down to your tech stack, naming conventions, and workflow.


Live workshops

Some things will always be better talked through than documented. Make this frictionless with live demos and working sessions.

Technical assessments

Evaluate comprehension with follow-up questions, technical feedback, and helpful resources to improve.


Progress tracking

Track new hire learning progress, pace, and completion rates. Trusted analytics keeps you informed on future resourcing.

Unified analytics

Make key decisions with integrated onboarding data, and reports. Automated surveys help pinpoint ways to improve, and reduce false starts. 


Turn your new-hires into top performers with a seamless onboarding program

Faster Commits

Employees that learn better are ready to contribute faster.

Better Questions

When employees can access the know-how they need, managers stop having to repeat themselves.

Centralized Knowledge

A single source of truth helps reduce silos and retain shared knowledge for good.


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