Peer Learning Framework Step 2: Creating Heroes

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Step 2 of ur Peer Learning Framework is Creating Heroes. So how does that work?

People love to contribute. We all have the gene to want to share ourselves with others. Sprinkling our superpowers on our coworkers feels good!

So why more experts in your organization don’t teach internal classes?

Fear, for one. They don’t know how. Good news! They can learn. Help them structure their thoughts and outline their talks. You can provide the handholding.

Experts may not perceive “teaching” as their job. Yet, the more senior experts are, the more we expect them to enable others. Their job is to help the organization get to the next level. Sharing their expertise is the most scalable way to do so.

Experts are rarely acknowledged. This is a mistake. Promote the experts who share their knowledge. Put them on the pedestal. Celebrate them.

Make sharing knowledge part of your culture. Tie this into your promotion process. Make it visible.

Go ahead, seek out the people who have the knowledge that many would value. Shepherd them to the rockstar status. Your organization will benefit.

What’s next in the Peer Learning Framework journey? It’s time for a Show & Tell

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