Peer Learning Framework Step 4: Promote



You’ve uncovered pain with the lack of knowledge and have created courses to unblock your people. Now, as step 4 of the Peer Learning Framework journey, you need them to become aware of your hard work. You need to promote these events.

Email is broken. At least the mass email sent to mailing lists. Your people are good at ignoring group email by now.

So, what works?

Personalized email is relevant. Emailing me about courses that I care about will perk up my ears. Figure out how to track who cares about what. Look at past behavior (a person who took X may care about Y). Let people get notified when a course on a specific topic comes available. The higher the relevancy, the more people will appreciate your email.

Internal customers are a good target. A particular event uncovers best practices for using a specific tool or process. Figure out who are the users of that system. Ping them about the event.

Be creative. At Twitter, we used large screen displays to rotate upcoming events. We’d roll these displays in high foot traffic areas, such as cafeterias. It worked! We expanded this network of “digital posters” around all major engineering offices worldwide.

If you don’t tout your own horn, there’s no music. Help your audience discover learning opportunities that you’ve worked hard on. These are some of the ideas.

See how PlusPlus can help you make Peer Learning opportunities more accessible to your team.

What comes after you promote your program? It’s time to Measure.

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