An event is our most complex component. It can contain quite a few things, such as name and description, presenters, possibly a few sessions. It may be available online, and it may require external registration.


An event has a time and a place. All would be good if this was the end of the story. Your event may happen over a few sessions. Say, for example, you have a three-day workshop that happens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day is its own session. Additionally, each session may have a different room.

Timeslots are our way of representing all things important for an attendee to know: when and where to show up for each of the sessions that make up this event.

Event Types and Settings

An event might have been born from an Event Type which had it inherit a number of properties, such as the cover image, initial topics, and such. Going forward, your event can change any of those items.

However, there are some settings that still may apply to this event based on its original event type. Those are the Event Type Settings that define things such as when the event is open for enrollment, how late attendees can drop their enrollment, and similar. You can manage these settings via Menu / Event Types back office feature for the organizers.

Waitlist & Cap

Your event may have limited space. No problem! We’ll automatically manage the capacity and the waitlist. People will get notified as they register and as they get promoted or demoted based on the space available.

Note that:

  • A cap of zero means no limit.
  • A waitlist of zero means no waitlist.

External Registrations

Your event may require an external registration in another system. In that case, please provide the message and the link to that system. You can provide either or both. We’ll then prompt the attendee to complete the registration in that other system.