Your strongest mentors are often outside Learning & Development (L&D). And most likely, they’re unknown to you. Yet these mentors are responsible for 80% of the learning in your organization.

So, how do you scale these 1:1 and informal, small group, on-the-job interactions? And how do your new hires discover them? With the PlusPlus Mentoring module—a module designed to deliver learning at the speed of need.

Know who you want to be mentored by? Filter by their name to see only their sessions.

Find guides by location, name, and more.

The aimless wandering of the halls is a thing of the past. There’s no more hoping to catch a prospective mentor between meetings or during a break.

A new hire or peer simply opens the PlusPlus Mentoring module. They search for a specific person or for local mentors. 

Choose the mentors you want to work with and schedule a session that works with your calendar.

Mentees see at-a-glance which mentors are available and when. If none of the available sessions work, they open a mentor’s profile and request a session. They share what they want help with, giving the mentor time to prepare. This ensures more effective tribal knowledge transfer.

When scheduling a mentorship session, let your mentor know what you want to talk about and whether you’ll attend in person or via Hangout.

Scheduling a session creates a calendar invite and adds to both persons’ calendars. This prevents potential mix-ups due to different time zones between mentors and mentees.

Nurture a culture of learning with feedback.

At the end of every session, mentees submit feedback or share their appreciation. They can offer a general rating, private feedback, and/or public acknowledgment.

After each mentorship session, rate how effective your mentor was, provide private feedback as to what you liked or what is still unclear and, optionally, write a testimonial for others.

Ratings help others in your organization to find the best mentors. Mentors with the highest cumulative average session ratings are visible to everyone.

Mentors receive immediate feedback on what worked and what may have been unclear. This feedback is between the mentor and mentee and PlusPlus admins. Testimonials are viewable by everyone and are available from a mentor’s profile. Mentees can edit testimonials if they schedule follow up sessions.

Scale ad hoc onboarding.

As organizations scale, knowledge transfer is inconsistent and incomplete. Using the PlusPlus Mentoring module, employees can discover new mentors and instructor-led training. They search for a peer, open their profile, and view Upcoming learning. Clicking on a program name displays available sessions. If a course is full, they can join a waitlist.

Open a mentor’s profile to learn more about them. You can view their average session rating, read testimonials, and schedule mentorship sessions.

Transfer knowledge without sacrificing productivity.

It’s easy for a mentor to set up office hours or blocks of time when they’re available. They choose how often they want to offer sessions and if they want to conduct mentoring in person or online. They can also let mentees choose online or face-to-face meetings when they sign up.

Either a mentor or admin can set up office hours or a mentorship program. Mentors can specify where sessions happen: locally or online.