Product Highlights – Q2 2023

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Summer is here, and Q2 was a busy time at PlusPlus! Over the last few months we’ve released several high-impact updates to our platform that enhance the way that admins, creators, and users interact with PlusPlus. We’re excited to share the new features and enhancements we’ve released so far this year.


Assessments 🆕 

Empower your people to measure their own understanding of new concepts, and enable program managers to assess the effectiveness of their content and events using PlusPlus Assessments.

An Assessment in PlusPlus can be tied to a specific Event or piece of OnDemand Content, or can be a standalone item that is linked to from multiple sources. Each Assessment can have its own unique name, description, and cover art, enabling program managers to use their company’s unique brand identity and internal lingo to assess their people’s knowledge in real time.

Creating an Assessment

Assessments are built using any combination of multiple choice and short answer questions, and can consist of as many or few questions as necessary.

Questions can also be grouped into sections that have unique names and descriptions, enabling creators to clearly organize questions by topic, concept, timeframe, and more.

Multiple choice questions are customizable to offer three or more possible answers, and users receive instant feedback to know if they answered right or wrong.

Need some extra help? We’ve got you covered – creators can optionally add custom explanations to any question.

Creators can also set a minimum pass/fail grade, specify a timeframe that users have to complete the Assessment, and optionally allow users to retake it if they fail.

Assigning an Assessment

Assigning an Assessment to users is quick and easy, and can be accomplished several different ways:

  • Add the Assessment to a Track
  • Link the Assessment to an Event or piece of OnDemand Content
  • Automatically assign to specific PlusPlus user group(s)
  • Manually assign to custom audience


Turn on notifications to automatically notify people that they’ve been assigned a new Assessment, and have PlusPlus send customized automatic reminders as the deadline nears. People who don’t pass or miss the deadline can be re-enrolled in the Assessment and/or the attached Content or Event with a single click.

To make Assessments more easily discoverable, owners can append tags to Assessments or add them to PlusPlus categories. Don’t want certain users or groups to see an Assessment? No problem – owners can restrict access to Assessments to specific users and/or user groups.

Performance & Feedback

Assessment owners can easily see how their teams are performing, in aggregate or as individuals. Get real time insights into results, see who is passing or failing, and know which team members still need to take the Assessment.

It’s not enough to assess your team’s understanding of your content and events – you also need to know what they thought about the Assessment itself. PlusPlus enables Assessment owners to specify feedback policies to better understand what their teams think about a particular Assessment or question. Link to surveys created in third-party platforms or create your own using our native survey builder, and deploy them at and end of an Assessment.

PlusPlus now offers a powerful new tool to level-up your enablement programs: Links. Program managers can now include content from any source outside of PlusPlus into Tracks using Links, unlocking the ability to create truly immersive blended enablement experiences for your teams.


Linked content will automatically direct users to the third-party content in a new tab. All content types are supported: videos, pages, eLearning courses, and more.

More Powerful Tracks

Tracks in PlusPlus are curated development journeys that seamlessly blend live events, static content, and peer-to-peer connections together to create immersive experiences for individuals and teams – and they just got way more powerful.

Nested Tracks

With Nested Tracks, program managers can now include existing PlusPlus Tracks as a Track item. This capability unlocks a new realm of possibilities in creating long form development journeys for teams.

Track Sections

Track owners can now organize their Track items into sections that have unique names and descriptions. Track sections allow owners to group Track items together by topic, concept, timeframe, and more, creating a clearer and more efficient user experience.

Enhanced Automated Assignments

Automatically assigning Live Events, OnDemand Content, Peer Connections, and Blended Experiences is now easier than ever.

Dynamic Group Assignments

Assigning users to user groups in PlusPlus just got easier than ever. Admins can now use automated rules to dynamically assign users to user group(s) in PlusPlus based on their title, department, location, manager, employee type, and more.

Content Assignments

We have added several new enhancements to make it even easier to assign and distribute content. Program managers can now automatically assign content to users or user groups based on any of the following criteria.

  • Expiration Dates – Set expiration dates for content item assignments, and automatically re-assign once the expiration date is reached.
  • Time to Expiration – Set a period to determine how long an assignment is considered valid.
  • Assignment Exemptions – Exempt specific users from assignments, even if they’re part of an assigned group.
  • Auto Re-assign – Automatically reassign content to users who previously completed, dropped, or been exempted from it, or to users who are due to retake it.
  • Optional Track Items – Set any Track item as optional, allowing assignees to complete the Tracks with or without completing the Track item.
  • Dropped Assignments – Know when users drop assignments without completing them.
  • Pass/Fail Visibility – Know when users pass or fail an Assessment.

User Experience Updates

In addition to developing new products and features, PlusPlus also continuously invests in delivering a best-in-class user experience for program managers, content owners, and users. These enhancements go beyond making the platform more visually appealing (though we think it looks pretty great) – they unlock new value by increasing efficiency through clearer, more intuitive workflows.

Updated Events Roster

We’ve made several updates to our Events roster to make Event enrollment and management more powerful and user-friendly. Event owners can now enroll participants into Events directly from the People Roster and perform bulk actions such as forcing check-in, promoting or demoting to/from the waitlist, un-enrolling participants, and more. Additionally, they can also list and/or filter enrollments using advanced filters, and more easily manage their enrollment and wait lists.


Event owners will also enjoy a more intuitive user experience that includes the ability to customize which columns are viewable/hidden, reorder columns, resize column width, and more.

Enhanced Notifications for Session Hosts

Fostering peer-to-peer connections is critical to enabling teams, and it’s become more challenging in the new world of remote and hybrid work. Enabling those connections via Mentorships and Office Hours is one of the core pillars of PlusPlus, and we’re continuously working to improve the experience for hosts and participants alike.

Hosts of Mentorship and/or Office Hours sessions can now opt-in to receive automatic notifications for time slots they’ve made available that are unfilled, enabling them to reclaim offered time and better manage their schedules.

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