Product Highlights – Q3 2023

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Happy fall! As we enter the final sprint into Q4, we want to pause to highlight several key enhancements PlusPlus released in Q3 2023 that will improve the way that admins, creators, and users interact with our platform.


  • More Powerful Tracks – use inline track items to make content items only visible within a track, and access streamlined insights for user performance
  • Improved Content Discovery – use omni search to easily locate all types of content in the new blended catalog, get fast access to content and events with new widgets, and more easily discover content with advanced filters
  • Content Items Dashboard – manage all of your content in a unified dashboard
  • Codelabs Version Management – natively manage multiple versions of codelabs
  • Slack Integration – automatically create new dedicated Slack channels around a topic, and enroll cohorts of users into them

More Powerful Tracks

Tracks are the foundation of how learning program managers create blended development journeys in PlusPlus, consisting of live events, on-demand content, and peer-to-peer connections. We’ve made several enhancements to tracks to make them more powerful.

Inline Track Items 🆕 

Some content is only meant to be consumed within a track, and as a program manager you need the ability to make that content non-discoverable in the general PlusPlus catalog. With Inline Track Items, program managers can restrict content and events to only be visible within a track.

By restricting visibility within the track, the track items will no longer appear in omni search results, reducing noise and creating a cleaner search experience for users.

Track Progress View 🆕

Track owners can now view progress against individual track items, in aggregate or by individual user, using the updated progress bar in the track assignment window.

The new track progress window automatically filters by its parent track and is linked to the track’s assignment roster, creating a seamless experience for program managers.

Parent Tracks 🆕

Simply put, a parent track enables users to find all of the content that is associated with a track. Program managers can specify unique notification behaviors for parent tracks, as well as view unified enrollments, assignments, and analytics for users and teams assigned to the parent track.

Improved Content Discovery

The ability to discover content is important to running a learning program efficiently. We’ve released several new product enhancements to make it faster and easier to locate the content you need.

Blended Catalog 🆕 

The catalog is the homepage and main point of access for users to discover content in PlusPlus, and it just got way more powerful. Rather than segregating various content types into unique sections, the new blended catalog brings all of your content together, enabling users to use omni search to discover all types of PlusPlus content in one place.

Combined with our new advanced filtering system (more on that below), it’s easier than ever for users to quickly discover and locate the content they need.

Widgets 🆕 

The PlusPlus catalog and events pages just got smarter with our new widgets. The top of each page now features a curated mix of interactive widgets that showcase the most relevant parts of each users’ PlusPlus experience. Get a centralized view of assigned content, top content, and manage content and events that you own.

Updated Filters 🆕

Filters are one of the most effective ways to quickly discover content in PlusPlus, and we’ve enhanced our filtering system to make it more powerful and user friendly. Beyond simply being better looking and easier to use, we’ve also added a new “relevance” filter. Now the new default, the AI-powered “relevance” filter automatically recommends content to users based on their profiles, preferences, and behaviors within PlusPlus.

Content Items Dashboard 🆕

Until now power users had a limited ability to measure the performance of their content via a dashboard, leading to a fragmented and less efficient experience. The new content items dashboard solves that problem by centralizing access to all of your on-demand content in one place. For example, using the “last modified” field, admins can quickly identify content that has potentially grown stale and needs to be updated or modified. 

Program managers can access a centralized overview of performance insights against articles, assessments, codelabs, courses, links, tasks, tracks, video, and more.

Codelab Version Management 🆕

Codelabs are a useful tool for onboarding and upskilling teams of developers. PlusPlus now offers native version management for codelabs, ensuring that end users are always viewing the most recent version.

If a user is in a codelab and there is a more recent version available, an in-app notification will alert the user and give them the option to jump to the latest version. The page will automatically reload to show the latest version, ensuring that your team is operating from the most up-to-date information.

Slack + PlusPlus

The PlusPlus Slack app embeds a user’s learning journey into their existing workflow, making life easier and increasing engagement. With our updated Slack app, PlusPlus can now automatically create and enroll users into new Slack channels to centralize collaboration around a given topic.

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