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Springtime is all about new beginnings – graduations, longer days, and the renewal of nature. Here at PlusPlus, spring is also an opportunity to look back on where we were versus where we are, and to highlight the many new product features we’ve released over the past year. Taken collectively, those updates amount to a whole new PlusPlus that makes it easier than ever for program managers to build, manage, and scale their learning programs.

Below are some of the key product updates that are helping customers like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Salesforce to win with PlusPlus.


  • Tracks – Seamlessly mix-and-match live events, on-demand content, and mentorship programs to create powerful blended learning programs.
  • Mentorship & Coaching – Facilitate connections between your people and the internal experts who will help them to grow, and bring them together using automation.
  • Guides – Empower experts to create self-paced tutorials.
  • Assessments – Understand how well your people are grasping new concepts and retaining information.
  • Surveys – Collect feedback about your content and programs.
  • Linked Content – Mix-and-match your in-house content with content from any source.
  • MyHub – Easily view, access, and interact with your PlusPlus experience with an AI-powered homepage.
  • Analytics – Unify your learning performance data in PlusPlus.
  • Discovery – Quickly access the content and events you need.

Supercharged Tracks

Tracks are the backbone of learning programs in PlusPlus, enabling you to mix-and-match live events, OnDemand content, mentorship and coaching sessions, and even other tracks together to create blended learning programs. And now they’re more powerful than ever.

Track Scheduling
Track Scheduling
As a learning program manager, you need the ability to create learning programs that exist only in a specific time and place, enabling you to onboard or upskill cohorts at the same time. Track Scheduling allows you to do exactly that, unlocking the ability to uplevel your people in lockstep.
Course Authoring
Tracks are more than just a blended learning program tool. You can also use Tracks to combine internal resources together on a smaller scale to create courses, eliminating the need for a dedicated SCORM authoring tool. We also have full support to bring eLearning content from any source to Tracks.
More Updates to Tracks

Tracks don’t just let you do more than ever, they are also easier to use.

  • Inline Track items – Restrict content and events to only be visible within a track, reducing clutter in your main catalog.
  • Nested Tracks – Add Tracks to other Tracks to create longform learning programs.
  • Parent Tracks – Enable users to easily locate all the content associated with a Track.
  • Track Sections – Organize Track items into sections with unique names and descriptions.
  • New Analytics – View progress against individual track items, in aggregate or by individual user.

Mentorship & Coaching

With the rise of hybrid and remote work, it’s never been more important to facilitate one-on-one connections between your people and the internal experts who have the knowledge they need. That’s why we built the new Expert Connections module, which makes it easy to discover, nurture, and grow new relationships across your organization.

Expert Discovery

We’ve made it easy for experts to showcase their special skills, and for their colleagues to locate them. Beyond the basics such as job title, department, and location, PlusPlus people bios can be automatically enriched with top skills from LinkedIn and your HRIS, making it simple to quickly find the people you need. Individuals can indicate that they are open to being a mentor and/or mentee, and new relationships can be initiated by either person or their manager.

Celebrate experts
Mentorship Programs
Mentorship Programs

Once two people are connected, keep them connected using mentorship programs. Program managers can create multiple simultaneous programs with different goals, such as connecting onboarding buddies, upskilling new leaders, or enabling sales teams.

Office Hours

In addition to mentorship programs, it’s also useful to create opportunities for people to connect with experts on a one-off basis to dive deeper into particular topics. With Office Hours, subject matter experts can make themselves available at times that work best for their schedule, and individuals can automatically enroll into slots to connect with them one-on-one.


Your teams move faster than the pace of standard L&D, making traditional static content an insufficient tool for knowledge sharing. That’s why PlusPlus integrates with Google Codelabs to enable you to seamlessly author Guides. With Guides, experts can create self-paced tutorials on any topic, and add them to blended learning programs.

Beyond a simple integration, we’ve also built native versioning support to ensure your people are always viewing the latest version. Guides also have a new dedicated tracking system in PlusPlus, enabling you to quickly track your people’s progress.

Codelabs - Guides


It’s not enough to simply track progress against completion, you also need to understand how well your people are grasping and retaining the information. Put your people to the test with Assessments to gauge what they’ve learned and see where they may still be struggling.

Tracking Assessments

Our native authoring tool enables you to build high-impact Assessments right in PlusPlus using any combination of multiple choice and short answer questions. Assessments can be deployed at any point during a learning program’s lifecycle, creating limitless opportunities to understand how your people are doing.


Native survey support

Need to know how your people responded to a specific event, content item, or learning program? Go beyond assessing how well they’re concepts and ideas and solicit open-ended feedback using Surveys. Easily integrate surveys from your favorite third-party survey vendor, or use our native survey builder to gather feedback at any point before, during, or after content and events. Use an easy five-star rating system or ask deeper questions, and quickly view results in a dedicated dashboard.

Linked Content

Include content from any source in your learning program using Linked Content. Simply embed any URL as Linked Content, and then mix-and-match it with your own content and events to create more robust blended learning programs. Linked Content can be assigned, managed, and tracked in PlusPlus like any piece of native content, enabling unified analytics across the entity of your programs.


The new default login page for all users, MyHub is a personalized dashboard that provides a quick view into every aspect of a person’s PlusPlus experience. Program managers can quickly access their learning programs and access content and events that they own, and people managers can easily view their people’s progress and discover who needs help. End users can readily see the content and events they’re assigned to, access their enrollments, discover and enroll in new programs, and locate the internal experts they need.



No matter your role, PlusPlus makes it easy to access the analytics you need. Use our dedicated suite of dashboards to visualize data on attendance, enrollments, performance, and more, and quickly slice and dice the data you need with flexible filters. Save custom reports and schedule them for automatic delivery to make sure you never miss an update, and export your data to any other source. What’s more, our robust suite of integrations enable you to import learning performance data from any source, enabling PlusPlus to serve as your single source of truth for your learning programs.

Faster Discovery

We’ve also made some big changes to make it easier than ever to quickly and easily access your content and events.

  • Blended catalog – New omni search enables you to search for content, events, and connections all in one place.
  • Updated filters – New filters make it easier than ever to quickly access the content, events, and analytics you need.

These new features only scratch the surface of what PlusPlus can do. Book a demo to see the full scope of how PlusPlus can help you deliver learning smarter.

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