The Autodesk Manager Development Program Playbook v. 2.0


TechKnowCon believes in the power of continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and peer learning. Leaders and Champions in the technical training space join us and share their stories. Danny Ryan and Kristian Ruggieri shared their process in implementing a well received technical manager training program at Autodesk. Now it’s your turn to empower your team members to learn and share their knowledge.

The information below is an extract from the Autodesk Manager Development Program Playbook v. 2.0

Program Overview

The Manager Development Program at Autodesk is designed to provide managers the ability to develop important management skills. The program structure leverages the following key ideas.


  • Move away from training as an event.
  • Acknowledge that mastery comes from practice.
  • Feedback and introspection are key to adult learning.
  • Mentoring and peer-coaching are powerful development interventions.

Sprint based 

  • The program is designed around a 3-week sprint cycle.
  • The program will consist of two sprints per Sprint Topic

Cohort Based 

  • Team of up to 5 learners will move through the program together. This provides a motivational  aspect and the ability to learn from peers. Cohorts are intended to be self-organizing.

Group Mentoring 

  • A key feature of this program is the use of a group mentor. Each cohort will have a mentor  assigned to guide the opening and closing meetings of each sprint. Mentors will be experienced  managers who are encouraged to share their experiences.

Content Agnostic 

  • The program described can be used to cover any topic. Although some topics may require more  than one sprint of application.

Application orientated 

  • While learning content will be provided for a Sprint, the main focus is on putting the ideas into  practice.