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PlusPlus is a learning platform for unleashing your internal expertise.

Integrate workshops & classes, self-paced content, mentorship & coaching, and guided tracks, all under one umbrella. Get higher engagement, deeper cultural immersion, and quicker onboarding.



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See How Netflix Studios Adds Human Touch to Blended Learning Experience with PlusPlus


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Improve your new-hires’ time-to-competency

Spread organizational understanding. Make sure your people have the right knowledge to do their best work. 

Tribal Knowledge Sharing

Make your new hires feel they belong

Optimize your onboarding experience. Boost the cultural immersion of the new hires.

Provide all your internal learning under one umbrella

Create engaging blended experiences, spanning both live and self-paced learning.

Peer Learning

Scale with ease

Whether you have a 100s or 1,000s employees, make it easy to manage and automate the onboarding journeys.

Create a fully integrated onboarding experience

From joining the company to up-and-running, connect your onboarding programs with HRIS, calendar, Slack/Teams, ….

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Peer Learning Framework Step 6: Rinse & Repeat

Peer Learning Framework Step 6: Rinse & Repeat

Scaling Up! And the challenges that it brings. This is the final article in the Peer Learning Framework. Here’re some of the issues we’ve run into and how to deal with them.Hundreds of classes — oh, my! Great, now you have hundreds, even thousands of events. Good...

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Peer Learning Framework Step 5: Measure

Peer Learning Framework Step 5: Measure

By now you have a rich calendar of learning events. Training is happening. How do you know if it’s working?Think about measuring the following: Quality: how good is your learning program. Volume: how much of learning happens at your organization. Impact: what’s the...

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