Peer Learning Platform

  • Scale informal tribal knowledge sharing across your company
  • Make it easy for your employees to discover all internal learning events in one place
  • Automate program management for your learning team

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 you can do with PlusPlus

Scale Peer Learning


Peer learning is already happening in your company. It's just likely done ad-hoc, meaning you can't track it or help improve it.

PlusPus pulls all informal learning under one umbrella. That makes it easier for your employees to discover learning opportunities. Internal experts can easily stand up their own classes & workshops. You can monitor how well it's all working.

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Onboard Like a Pro


Onboarding is more than just filling out HR forms and learning company values. Getting a new hire from zero to productive is the most sensitive experience in an employee's journey.

With PlusPlus, you can automate the entire onboarding workflow from the moment that new hire has been added to your HR system. They will automatically be enrolled in the right classes and receive necessary notifications. You'll be able to see the progress of each new hire's journey.

Democratize Coaching & Mentorship


Mentorship is likely already happening, it's just informal and unaccounted for. Coaching is no longer limited to just the executives.

With PlusPlus, you can run various one-on-one sessions such as coaching and mentorship. You can also organize small group programs like office hours or manager circles.

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What Customers Have Done with PlusPlus

Peer Learning

Face-to-face live learning from peers is the most effective way to transfer tribal knowledge. Tribal knowledge, or "know how," is knowledge gained from time spent at your organization within a specific context and specific roles. PlusPlus increases the personal impact of eager engineering staff at Shopify by providing tools to scale their unofficial lunch-and-learns and spontaneous training sessions.

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Whole Person Development

At Shopify, anyone, at any level—not just executives, can sign up for coaching sessions as often as they want. Without the automation provided by the PlusPlus platform, they'd be unable to offer 1000s of coaching sessions globally per year eliminating physical location as a barrier. Delivering what's good for people, in addition to just what's profitable for their organization, gives Shopify a competitive advantage.

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A Culture of Learning

Vibrant engineering cultures that attract, grow, and empower world-class talent take care and feeding. SSENSE increased employee engagement by balancing external conferences and classes with peer-to-peer learning. They ask everyone who attends conferences to host live sessions distilling what they've learned. This fosters a sense of teamwork, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations.

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The wellbeing ingredient is something that sets coaching at Shopify apart from what may be offered in other companies. The coaches want to develop the whole person, not just the person who comes to work. It's a dual situation – helping with the work problems as well as the how: How can I be my best self at work in a way that's healthy for me?
Rene Moortgat, Talent Development Operations Specialist at Shopify
For most engineers, a one-hour session at a conference about the specifics of how to use a technology is far less valuable than learning how that particular concept is applied at your company. SSENSE University is a great way to train folks on new tools that we've adopted, as well as an opportunity to make a case for different tooling.
Tuan Bach, Application Development Director at SSENSE
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