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Why PlusPlus?

Learn how Netflix Studio adds a human touch into self-paced learning at scale.

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All Together, Not All-In-One

We seamlessly integrate with your LMS and apps such as Google Calendar, Zoom, Workday, Slack, and whichever Single Sign-on (SSO) system you use. 

Theres no need to replace what’s working for you.

Plug in your other tools to bring learning, talent development, and workflow automation all together.

Onboarding & Events Management at Scale

One Place to Learn and Teach

Powered by your people

+ One place to discover all learning events

+ Track attendance and onboarding progress

+ Duplicate event templates with ease

+ Unlimited automatic and/or manual registration

Save Time & Automate the Administrative Work

+ Calendar invites

+ Reminder emails

+ Feedback surveys

+ Waitlist management

Peer Mentorship & Coaching at Scale

+ Enable cross-functional 1:1 relationships

+ Quickly filter, book time, and review sessions

Promote those who help the most people

+ Easily create group coaching programs

People Analytics That Grow With You

+ Sync engagement with your HRIS system

+ Track output, outcomes, and impact

+ Generate custom reports & export data

+ Make decisions based on performance

With all the great admin features such as email notifications, online waitlists, check-ins, and more it has been easy to manage 2,000+ enrollments and the logistics needed to make these events possible.

- Marika Spediacci, Associate Program Manager at Salesforce

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PlusPlus helps learning managers nurture a cooperative learning community where anybody can easily create, manage and discover all the knowledge sharing opportunities available, no matter the format.

2,400,000+ hours of teaching, learning, and growing on PlusPlus

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