Tech Enablement at Scale

PlusPlus is a modern shared knowledge platform that surfaces what technical team needs to be effective, stay in sync, and grow.


More Scale.

More Problems.

“It’s hard to preserve that feeling that the whole team is all on the same boat and rowing the same direction.”

“Time is wasted reinventing the wheel. Wikis become out of date and documentation goes missing.”

“More headcount is not increasing our velocity. We don’t have a process to make sure new-hires know how we do things here.”




Shared understanding

This is the magic that lives in your experts’ heads—skills and specific know-how that are actually applied within the organization. The problem is that this organizational expertise often goes unshared. 

Current L&D tools aren’t designed for shared understanding and they fail to engage employees.

LMS, a system built for compliance, offers self-paced e-learning, but under-delivers on live learning.

LXP aggregates micro-learning, but fails to deliver on sharing live and tacit knowledge.

PlusPlus removed all the friction to find, sign up, attend, and rate training programs. As a result, LinkedIn has unlocked knowledge sharing at scale for 6,000+ engineers, “getting knowledge out of people’s heads,” so that everyone could learn from everyone.


Salesforce makes learning multi-player across 18,000 employees around the world, with thousands of classes. With PlusPlus, Salesforce manages Tech L&D and sustains the ability to scale high-performance teams through shared understanding.


With PlusPlus, a “small but scrappy” DevEd team of four enabled thousands. Netflix Engineering currently runs peer-led workshops to build more in-depth product expertise at scale.

Teams that grow fast can still go fast

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