Knowledge sharing at scale

From the creators of Twitter University

In 2013, Twitter acquired Marakana, a company that became Twitter University.

The initial focus was on helping engineers go mobile. But a bigger problem was that engineers didn't understand how Twitter works.

The solution was to enable engineers to learn from one another. Twitter University came up with an app and a methodology for Peer Learning.

Soon, one in five Twitter engineers taught classes. This Peer Learning approach enabled people to have the right skills and do their best work.

Twitter University team launched PlusPlus to recreate a similar success at other tech companies.


Peer Learning for Tech Companies

We know Silicon Valley tech companies best. There's a lot of informal learning happening. Homegrown systems are complex and the engineers transfer knowledge ad-hoc. They interrupt each other, answer one-off emails, or host office hours. This is inefficient.

We believe it is better to give your experts a platform to share their knowledge. Organizing workshops is more effective than one-on-one interruptions. We call this Peer Learning. It makes it easier to share institutional knowledge and to celebrate those who enable others to be successful.

Peer Learning creates a culture of learning that grows on its own. Your people become happier and more effective.

You're in good hands

PlusPlus was shaped from an intimate collaboration with our partners. They had a need to manage peer learning efforts and together we designed the solution that works for them. These are some of those organizations.

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