Peer Learning

At most innovative companies, people learn from one another

What is Peer Learning

There are different types of knowledge in your company. Some knowledge is simple or static and other knowledge is highly complex and constantly changing.

Peer Learning is ideal for the transfer of tribal knowledge: internal know-how and best practices that are rarely documented because they only live in the heads of your people.

How Peer Learning works

Since tribal knowledge lives exclusively in the minds of your people, its best disseminated in live-learning situations where experts can share and learn from one another. This usually takes shape in a form of workshops, brown-bag lunches, or coaching & mentorship sessions.

Live learning can be face-to-face in your offices or online via a video-conferencing system.

Who is Peer Learning for

As your smartest people are tapped on their shoulders to help answer many basic questions, they start hosting internal workshops, classes, and tech-talks. We see this happening quite often within Engineering and similar tech organizations.

This type of learning is done ad-hoc, informally. As such, it’s not accounted for nor tracked and improved. Learning & Development teams usually don’t contribute much to this type of learning and development.

Peer Learning is a system for tribal knowledge sharing. It enable people to created and discover right learning opportunities on the topics that are highly relevant to their work.

By systemizing Peer Learning, Learning & Development teams democratize tribal knowledge sharing at scale.